Thank You For Supporting

It’s with some sadness that I’m writing this final post. I launched the Totally Wired blog to support the book, which was published this past March. After over nine months of actively promoting the book, I have decided to put this blog to bed, and focus full time on building Ypulse as a sustainable and hopefully profitable business. I’ll definitely continue to post links and information relevant to parents and educators, but it will be in more of a Ypulse context and tone than the posts I’ve written here. I will leave this blog up as a permanent resource and archival history.

I will continue to work with the media as an expert on all things teen and tech (reporters, feel free to email) and to speak on the topics discussed in the book and on this blog through my lecture agent (Ken Eisenstein @ The American Program Bureau).

A special thanks to the folks at P&G;’s for supporting the Totally Wired Parent/Educator tour, which is officially ending this week.

Thanks to everyone who bought the book, told a friend, posted a link and invited me to their library or school.

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