Anastasia as Speaker

Anastasia Goodstein is an award-winning blogger and often-quoted expert on American tweens, teens and early twentysomethings. She incorporates personal stories, trends, and teen media & marketing case studies in her presentations. She can also create tailored interactive workshops for executives, parents groups, teachers or librarians interested in what teens and tweens are really doing online.

Anastasia can light up a panel with her insight and passion for this audience. She can also create a tailored presentation for your team, lead an interactive session or give an unforgettable keynote. For public speaking engagements, Anastasia is represented by The American Program Bureau, which may be contacted via the web or by phone at 1-800-225-4575.

Speaking Video

Past Speaking Engagements

10th Annual German Trend Day, Hamburg
Blogher ’05: (panelist and moderator)
SXSW Interactive ’06: (moderator – panel made the “honor roll”)
American Press Institute: (presenter)
The Texas Conference for Women:: Speaking on a panel entitled “Your Life Online: Navigating in a technology-driven world.”
True2Life: Speaking on a panel called “Minor(s) Shake-U in Cybersace: Youth Bloggers, Pop Culture and National Security”
CIO: The Year Ahead: Speaking on a panel entitled “How The Next Generation Views And Uses Technology”
YouthPower Conference: Gave a presentation on Totally Wired Teens
Youth Power Canada: Leading a 45 minute session on Totally Wired Teens
South By Southwest (SXSW): Speaking on a panel entitled “Under 18: Blogs, Wikis, and Online Social Networks for Youth”
Blogher Business NYC: Speaking on a panel entitled “I have enough trouble with my First Life!”
The Youth Marketing Mega Event: Chairing the social networking track and speaking about Totally Wired teens
Michigan Librarians Association Spring Institute: Delivering keynote address on Totally Wired Teens
PALS (Prairie Area Library System) Day: Leading a workshop on Totally Wired Teens
The Cable Show: Moderating a teen panel about changing media habits
New Paradigm’s Net Generation Strategic Investigation: Presenting a white paper I co-authored
The Ypulse Mashup 2007: Chairing my own conference!
Real Estate Connect: Speaking on a panel called New Kids On The Block
Office 2.0: (speaking on a panel about education and technology)
4th Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium: (link is to last year’s event) Joining an elite group of participants to discuss social computing
Vancouver International Digital Festival: Speaking about what’s hot in digital media youth culture
Ypulse Tween Mashup: Chairing my own second conference!

Upcoming Speaking Engagements What are kids learning in virtual worlds? Speaking on a panel sponsored by The MacArthur Foundation
Sandbox Summit: Speaking on a panel The New Frontier of Play
SXSW Interactive: Moderating a teen panel focused around creating apps teens love
7th Annual Parent-Faculty Education Conference: Giving a “Totally Wired” workshop to parents at the Menlo School
The Northeast Media Literacy Conference: Giving the keynote address on the theme of “The New Media Literacies for Today’s Plugged-In Generation”