With headlines like “Online Danger Zone” and “Are Teens Saying Too Much Online?” appearing in publications like the New York Times, Time, and Newsweek every day, adults are becoming increasingly worried about what kids are really doing on the internet and with technology today.

So what is MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, LiveJournal and what exactly are teens doing on them? Totally Wired is the first inside guide to what teens are really doing on the internet and with technology. Speaking with a cross section of industry professionals and teenagers, author Anastasia Goodstein gets to the bottom of how teens are use technology as well as the benefits and draw backs of this use. Covering issues like:

*Social networking
*Online journaling
*Cyber bullying
*And much more

Totally Wired arms adults with the language and knowledge to address the real issues of raising tweens and teens who have grown up with the Internet and cell phones. By providing adults with a greater understanding of what their kids are really doing on the internet and how they are using technology, Totally Wired will give adults the ability to set realistic boundaries necessary to keep children safe.