About Anastasia

have a background in journalism and producing/packaging online and print content for both teens and a broader consumer audience. You can view my portfolio at Word Geek.

I began my career working in youth media at Teen Voices, a Boston-based non-profit magazine written by and for teen women. It was there that I realized both the power of young people’s writing and the ongoing struggle it is to keep a non-profit organization going.

I left to go back to school where I earned a master’s degree in journalism with a concentration in new media at Northwestern University.

After graduation I headed to New York where I was an editorial Web producer for several Internet companies during the height of the dot com bubble including About.com and Oxygen Media. At Oxygen, I launched the Web counterpart to the Trackers (Oxygen’s now defunct teen television show) TV segment called the POV-J Network (Point of View Journalist). I recruited teens from across the country who produced Web and TV stories from their “point of view” for the network.

I left New York in 2000 to work for Kibu, another now defunct start-up dot.com for teen girls that was located in Silicon Valley. After the bubble began to burst in April of 2000 and Kibu closed its doors in September 2000, I went to work for Netscape Communications where I led the creation of feature programming including seasonal and holiday packages and later ran the TV and Movies channels for all of AOL’s Web Properties. I then went on to help launch KeepMedia, a paid content service founded by Louis Borders (Borders Books, WebVan). I joined Current TV, an independent media company led by former Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, in January of 2005 where I was the director of online community until September of 2006 when I decided to try to make Ypulse my full-time gig. I am also publishing my first book (with St. Martin’s Press), Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens are Really Doing Online March 20, 2007.

I started Ypulse because I missed working in teen media and of all the ideas I constantly have for new teen-centric non-profits or companies, starting a blog seemed like the easiest thing to start (little did I know how much time and dedication would be required!). Since May of 2004, Ypulse has been updated five days a week and grown a dedicated and loyal readership. It has helped me to grow as a writer as well as allowing me to realize my vision of creating an online space as well as offline events where all kinds of people trying to reach teens in an authentic way could connect. Most of all, it is a great outlet for my ongoing case of arrested development and obsession with pop culture.

Anastasia Goodstein
[email protected]