School Boards Say ‘Yes’ To Social Networking Technologies

I blogged about the first release of the Grunwald research (on Ypulse), which focused on how brands can using social networks to reach youth back in June. The National School Boards Association has released another slice of the study designed to focus on the educational potential of social networking technology. I now realize that part […]

Getting By With A Little Help From Their Friends

In my travels promoting Totally Wired, I have heard a few stories of teens intervening on behalf of another teen in trouble, i.e. posting about suicidal thoughts. Whether teens tell a parent or the school guidance counselor or even just send that person a hotline link, they are looking out for each other. I wish […]

Internet Safety Gone Wild?

That’s the title of a new essay published in the Journal of Adolescent Research by Brendesha Tynes, a professor of educational psychology and of African American studies at Illinois. In a time where most of the headlines scream “danger!”, It’s nice to hear an academic voice articulating some of the educational benefits of teens spending […]

Club Zora: Learning By Creating Their Own Technology

As virtual worlds for kids like Club Penguin and Webkinz continue to multiply (it seems like every toy company is launching one), I continue to get a lot of questions from parents about both the educational value of these websites for children as well as concern about screen time. With Sesame Workshop, Disney and Noggin […]

Facebook Is More Private…Or Is It?

Everywhere I’ve spoken as part of the Totally Wired Parent/Educator Tour over the past month, parents have told me that their teens have abandoned MySpace for Facebook. Teens believe that Facebook is “more private,” and in many ways Facebook’s roots contribute to this perception. Because the site was originally just for Harvard students, then just […]

Most Teens Unfazed By Stranger Contact Online

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new report today on teens’ online contact with strangers. Here’s the high level summary: Fully 32% of online teens have been contacted by someone with no connection to them or any of their friends, and 7% of online teens say they have felt scared or uncomfortable […]